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We want to know what you use WD-40 to fix, solve, clean etc…

It might be a very simple use that we all need to know about, or a little more off the wall. Either way, WE WANT TO KNOW YOUR WD-40 LIFE HACK….how it’s helped you at home, in the garden, in the garage, on the car, motorbike, bicycle, at work and so many more…. Terms & Conditions

Examples of Life Hack Videos

Cleaning garden chairs with WD-40

Use WD40 to pop the tyre bead up on the rim when changing a tyre

Cleaning a mountain bike

Keeping our lock working free

Rub the ballpoint of a clogged pen in some WD40

Cleaning Aga stove top

Cleaning wood burning stove

Car Life Hacks

Un-stick your lego

Keep motorcycle exhausts shiny and protected from moisture!

Cleaning the undercarriage of your lawnmower from grass and soil

Removing dirt from a window pane

Cleaning motorbike plastics

Removing rust and dirt from bicycles

Getting sticky tape residue off a plastic door

Cleaning Silver Candle holder – Before and After

Lubricating a bicycle chain

Loosen stiff hinges with just one simple application!

Various uses around the garage!

Cleaning chrome fireplace

Sticky Grip tape adhesive removal with WD-40!

Removing Dirt from Hand Tools

Removing Superglue!

Removing crayon from a wall

Removing grime from a stainless steel kettle

Removing chewing gum from jeans

Unsticking a zip on a boot

Removing sticky labels from shoes using WD-40

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