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We want to know what you use WD-40 to fix, solve, clean etc…

It might be a very simple use that we all need to know about, or a little more off the wall. Either way, WE WANT TO KNOW YOUR WD-40 LIFE HACK….how it’s helped you at home, in the garden, in the garage, on the car, motorbike, bicycle, at work and so many more…. Terms & Conditions

Examples of Life Hack Videos

Brilliant for cleaning motorbike chains

Helps with creaking hinges

Cleans toilet bowls

Gets chewing gum out of hair

Removes marks on wooden/laminate flooring

Keep those ski edges gleaming!

Keeps my car from rusting

Clean motorcycle sprocket

Cleans the soles of trainers

Good for cleaning bikes

Cleaning garden shears

Cleans Motorbike

Lubricating the catch on dog lead

Remove stickers without leaving a residue

Cleaning the headstock on a motorbike frame

Removing candle wax from the carpet

WD-40 can be used to create a workplace message board!

Different uses of WD-40

Loosening a steel bar

Sharpie & Glue Removal from wooden table

Cleaning dirt and grease from motorcycle sprockets

Cleaning garden chairs with WD-40

Use WD40 to pop the tyre bead up on the rim when changing a tyre

Rub the ballpoint of a clogged pen in some WD40

Car Life Hacks

Keep motorcycle exhausts shiny and protected from moisture!

Cleaning the undercarriage of your lawnmower from grass and soil

Removing dirt from a window pane

Cleaning motorbike plastics

Removing rust and dirt from bicycles

Getting sticky tape residue off a plastic door

Cleaning Silver Candle holder – Before and After

Lubricating a bicycle chain

Loosen stiff hinges with just one simple application!

Various uses around the garage!

Sticky Grip tape adhesive removal with WD-40!

Removing Dirt from Hand Tools

Removing Superglue!

Removing crayon from a wall

Removing grime from a stainless steel kettle

Removing chewing gum from jeans

Unsticking a zip on a boot

Removing sticky labels from shoes using WD-40

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