What does WD-40 stand for?

WD-40 literally stands for Water Displacement, 40th attempt. That's the name straight out of the lab book used by the chemist who developed WD-40 back in 1953. The chemist, Norm Larsen, was attempting to concoct a formula to prevent corrosion-a task which is done by displacing water. Norm's persistence paid off when he perfected the formula on his 40th try. Please see Our History for more information.

What does WD-40 contain?

While the ingredients in WD-40 are secret, we can tell you what WD-40 does NOT contain. WD-40 does not contain silicone, kerosene, water, wax, graphite, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), or any known cancer-causing agents.

What is the shelf life of WD-40?

Indefinite. While some products may have an expiration date, WD-40 lasts so long that a "use by" date isn't necessary.

How long does WD-40 last after application?

While this may vary depending on the application, WD-40 remains effective even after it appears to dry. The corrosion and rust protection ingredients remain adhered to the surface. External conditions may, of course, require additional applications of WD-40 for maximum protection.

I've heard that people use WD-40 as a cleaner/remover. What can it be used on?

WD-40 removes sap, tar, adhesives, labels and tape from surfaces without damaging existing paint. It's an effective cleaner for tools, equipment, and vehicles. Use it to remove splattered bugs from the front of cars. WD-40 will even help remove gum from carpet. Just spray, wait, and wipe with a clean cloth.

How is WD-40 different from 3-IN-ONE?

WD-40 is the ultimate multi-purpose problem solver. WD-40 cleans/degreases, penetrates to loosen up stuck parts, prevents corrosion and is a light lubricant. 3-IN-ONE, with its special drip spout, enables you to lubricate without any overspray or splatter. 3-IN-ONE is ideal to use on tools, rollers, hinges, in-line skates, wheels... nearly everything that moves.

What does WD-40 do?

WD-40 fulfils five basic functions: 1. CLEANS: WD-40 gets under dirt, grime and grease to clean. It also dissolves adhesives, allowing easy removal of labels, tape and excess bonding material. 2. DISPLACES MOISTURE: Because WD-40 displaces moisture, it quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits. 3. PENETRATES: WD-40 loosens rust-to-metal bonds and frees stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts. 4. LUBRICATES: WD-40's lubricating ingredients are widely dispersed and tenaciously held to all moving parts. 5. PROTECTS: WD-40 protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant ingredients to shield against moisture and other corrosive elements.

What surfaces or materials are OK to use WD-40 on?

WD-40 can be used on just about everything. It is safe for metal, rubber, wood and plastic. WD-40 can be applied to painted metal surfaces without harming the paint. Polycarbonate and clear polystyrene plastic are among the few surfaces on which to avoid using a petroleum-based product like WD-40.

What about using WD-40 on my sports equipment?

WD-40 is safe and effective to use on all types of sporting goods. Use WD-40 on your bike to clean, degrease and lubricate your chain, derailleur, gears, cogs, and moving parts. It will help remove stickers. Use WD-40 to clean and protect your gun. It will prevent corrosion and it won't damage bluing. Spray it on dirt bikes to protect parts and prevent mud from sticking. Use it on watercraft to protect metal surfaces from corrosion and to drive out moisture. WD-40 is also great for cleaning golf clubs and preventing rust on hockey skate blades.

What is the propellant in WD-40?

A propellant is the stuff that helps pump WD-40 out of the can. The propellant used in WD-40 is carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 is an inert gas which helps empty the can: the addition of CO2 reduced the number of VOCs, which helps preserve the environment. Be sure to point the spray nozzle toward the dot on the top of the can to ensure that the can fully empties.

How do I keep the red straws from getting lost?

Used for thousands of applications, WD-40 cans are now able to do something even more useful - hold onto that little red straw that was forever getting lost! The WD-40 Smart Straw® features a high-impact resistant nozzle, 360-degree valve system and permanently attached straw, so WD-40 users will never lose the straw again. Flipped down for a wide spray or flipped up for a pinpoint stream, the WD-40 Smart Straw® gives consumers a better way to spray! For old cans of WD-40, there is the NotchCap, designed to securely hold the straw in place when not in use. Simply snap the straw into the recessed slot on the top of the new cap and it will stay there until removed. This is just another small step to keep WD-40 users smiling.

Where can I buy WD-40?

In many countries, WD-40 is available almost everywhere. WD-40 can be found in automotive, convenience, discount, grocery, hardware, and home centre stores. It's also available from leading distributors all over the world. If your store or distributor doesn't sell WD-40, please ask them to add it.

Does WD-40 offer sponsorship opportunities?

WD-40 Company has focused its resources on supporting athletes through Giant BMX and is no longer able to offer individual sponsorships. We wish to thank all those who have been sponsored by WD-40 Company in the past and wish you good luck in your future racing career.
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